SurfSecure - Russian made solution to provide secure Internet access for corporate clients, meeting all requirements for Russian products to replace their foreign counterparts.

SurfSecure - is a typical SWG (Secure Web Gateway), according to Gartner definition, and has the following technical functionality and features:

  • URL filtering based on categories;
  • content filtering;
  • protection from malicious codes;
  • HTTPs filtering;
  • policy management at the enterprise level, at user group level and at user level;
  • logging of administrators' actions and user activities;
  • reports on Internet activities of a company's users;
  • integration with Active Directory and LDAP;
  • transparent SSO authentication;
  • basic and advanced (deep analysis and exact identification of protocols) application filters at the 7th (applied) level of the OSI model;
  • clustering to ensure redundancy or load distribution;
  • integration with third-party systems via ICAP.

SurfSecure allows coping with the most common challenges:

  • protection from unintended use of Internet resources;
  • protection from confidential data leakage;
  • protection from malware infection;
  • protection from phishing websites;
  • identification of particular users requesting for an Internet connection, including ones using terminal sessions
  • bandwidth limitation, banning of certain categories or individual websites, limitation of Internet usage time, consumed traffic or other controls concurrently applied to user groups or individual users or network nodes;
  • downloads blocking by file type;
  • granular limitation of Internet activities for many applications (Skype (videoconferencing, chat, file transfer, etc.), TeamViewer, etc.) over supported channels;
  • monitoring of data sent over secure connections;
  • possibility to build a fault-tolerant solution without using an external load balancer